Alchemic Healing

Kursus i Alchemic Healing

Interessen for dette kursus har været stor, Det har derfor længe været planlagt at vi holder et nyt kursus i  2018. Vi er derfor glade for at kunne meddele at der i Weekenden den 24. og 25. februar 2018 starter et nyt kursus i Alchemic Healing.

Level 1 og 2 bliver undervist af Uwe og Asharma Rei.

Kurset bliver afsluttet med level 3 af Tareth den 26. oktober 2018.

Tidspunkt: Lørdag den 24. februar og Søndag den 25.februar kl. 10-16 og Fredag den 26.oktober kl. 18.30 – ca. 22.00.

Interessen for Alchemic Healing har været stor. Det seneste kursus er afsluttet den 26.oktober 2018. Der ikke planlagt flere Alchemic Healing kurser.

Training and Initiation in Alchemic Healing

Tareth is one of the keepers of the Ancient Alchemic Wisdom. 

Alchemic Healing synthesises the Ancient wisdom into modern practice.  You will be attuned to the Elders, or Angelic Beings, to align your subtle bodies to their pure and sublime healing power.

Your Chakras will be raised into a higher vibration; you will be attuned to the symbols of Alchemic Healing and be taught the Mantras of Initiation.  This will give you a beautiful and powerful healing method.

You will learn techniques of physical, subtle and spiritual healing.  Chakra balancing and clearing and Karma Healing.  This is not only a healing technique; it gives you a continuingly evolving process for your spiritual development.

When you are initiated into Alchemic Healing you will be able to develop it for yourself, this is not a doctrine that is fixed it is about helping your own inner creator to grow.

The first stage of Alchemic Healing is taught by Uwe and Asharma Rei who are teachers within the work of Tareth as well as healers in their own right.The  initiation is given by Tareth after a period of time for you to practise the meditations and attunements for yourself, this is usually within 3 months.

Once you have completed the course, including the initiation with Tareth, you will have the completion of the information you need to practise and a certificate of initiation.


Alchemic healing has been raised to a new level reflecting the transitions of energy that are needed for this time. The first part remains the same but the initiation by Tareth will include some new healing energies and symbols for:-

Soul time harmony. – This helps to balance past patterns and release any negative affects they are having.

Empowering confidence and self-love.  This is to help overcome self-doubt and help to gain confidence to change and to try new things.

The initiate will also be given some sounds, derived from sounds manifested by Tareth that will help them in their preparation to give healing, including to themselves. Each sound will have a theme and an explanation

Meridian Healing.  This is not working with different meridians as in Chinese medicine but is about balancing the whole meridian system, especially for those who have been through trauma physical or emotional

If you have been initiated in Alchemic healing before and wish to receive the new initiations please let us know and we can arrange it for you

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