Obs: Weekenden er aflyst

Så er datoerne for Tareths andet besøg i 2023 på plads og vi synes lige vi ville lægge dem ud så du/i har mulighed for at få dem sat i kalenderen så hurtigt som muligt.

Datoer:          Lørdag d. 28 oktober og søndag d. 29 oktober workshop

Vi glæder os meget til at være sammen igen til nogle forrygende dage.

sidste nyt!

Programmet for hans besøg er nu på plads

Der bliver en to dages workshop lørdag den 28. oktober  og søndag den 29  oktober 2023 på "Bispen" Bispebroen 3 i Haderslev begge dage kl. 11.00 til ca. 18.00

AwakeningYour Subtle Consciousness

‘Portals for Harmonic Convergence’


Raising the frequencies of our subtle and etheric bodies will be the focus for our next grail day, which will help expand the ascended chakra energy to even higher levels of awareness. The nineportals open in the planet, allow the divine love of Source to enter all of your consciousness and these changes to the subtle and electromagnetic body will also help bring them into more harmony with the planet’s.

We have worked to bring in the new frequencies of the ascended chakra energy for your spiritual awakening and now we will work more deeplywith the aura and subtle bodies. The aura has many levels of energy that are a channel of communication and play a vital part in the awakening process. This includes every aspect of our physical life, including all of our past incarnations.

Tareth will work with the different levels of the aura, the etheric,emotional, mental, spiritual and universal. This will allow all ofyour past experiences to be brought into a new light of spiritualawakening. This will also be harmonised with the chakras, enabling you to create a beautiful chakra of oneness with the aura to grow into your divine source light. The ascended aura plays a vital role in our awakening and working with this will be a beautiful step forward in the new consciousness.

The light beings we work with are pure source consciousness, these guardians allow through the frequency of each portal, its own part ofthe planet that works together in a harmonic convergence. The separate doorways resonate to a different aspect of the planet and to you and we will connect with all 9 portals in deep meditation.

We will use manifested sounds of the chakra’s to deepen this connection, and Tareth will also give each of you a name as a directlink to source guidance and show you how best to use it.

There will as always, be a time for sharing and healing on all levels as well as questions.

During times of major change, which are happening now on many levels, new doorways of understanding are beginning to open and these will bring about huge shifts of awareness both in your spiritual and earthly life, by expanding your subtle auric consciousness.

In the Light of the Source


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